Ransom call trail to rescue

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By Staff Reporter in Calcutta
  • Published 4.06.05

Calcutta, June 4: Even as four people were arrested in connection with the abduction of six-year-old Sajjad Hussain from Garden Reach, a new kidnap drama unfolded on the southern fringes of the city early this morning.

Ayush Kumar Mishra was picked up from outside his home at Ekbalpore, only a couple of kilometres from where Sajjad went missing, yesterday afternoon. But this time, police reached the boy before the kidnappers could force his parents to pay ransom and picked up the alleged mastermind.

Deputy commissioner Ajay Ranade said Ayush was rescued from Falta in South 24-Parganas about seven hours after the abductors made the first ransom call. “Now it is an open and shut case as we have arrested all those involved.”

But officials of the Rabindranagar police station in Garden Reach are still looking for those who released Sajjad last night, eight days after he was abducted.

Sajjad returned home with a woman who told the police that someone had left him in front of her house. The abductors had demanded Rs 25 lakh and later scaled down to Rs 4 lakh. “It appears he was released after his family paid part of the money,” said an officer.

South 24-Parganas police chief S.N. Gupta said: “We’ve arrested four in connection with Sajjad’s kidnapping.”

Ayush went missing from in front of his Hussain Shah Road house, said Ranade. “The kidnappers called his home around 5 pm. They allowed him to talk to his father, Vinod Kumar Mishra, but disconnected without disclosing their demand.” Sharma then went to the Ekbalpore police station.

The first ransom call came around 6.45 pm. The demand was Rs 1.5 lakh. Several calls were made from a booth at Baikanthapur village in Falta.

Motilal, the booth owner, said Shah Alam Sheikh had made many calls. The police raided his house to see Ayush lying on the floor. He said he was served soft drinks. Alam led the police to Sheikh Samsuzzaman, the “mastermind”.