Leaders' WhatsApp face-off

Binay Tamang

Darjeeling: They were senior leaders of same party, close to each other also, but politics has separated Binay Tamang and Roshan Giri, who are not in talking terms now.

However, WhatsApp has provided Tamang with a platform to directly address Giri, which Tamang is using up to the hilt. Tamang and Giri are among the 102 members of a WhatsApp group that describes itself as "web TV" and is based outside Darjeeling.

Other members in the group include Lt. Gen. (retd) Shakti Gurung, Munish Tamang, a professor in Delhi University along with retired army officer and well-known personalities based in Uttarkhand, Delhi,Assam and even Darjeeling.

Giri, who releases statement in social media, also uses this group among others.

So far Tamang had remained quite in this group but after a recent statement issued by Giri, Tamang has come out all guns blazing.

Directly addressing Giri, Tamang has written in Nepali: "Roshan! Whose turn is to release a press statement, tomorrow?"

In the same group, Tamang has also given a list of 12 people accused in the Madan Tamang murder case: "Since February 2018, we have had five dates and I have paid all the court and advocate fees. From August10th, I am not going to do that."

In another address to Giri, Tamang has posted a Facebook picture of him along with former GTA vice chairman, Lopsang Yolmo with the message: "Roshan, look at it properly, Lopsang Yolmo the co-ordinator you have chosen to help you."

Tamang has also alleged that Roshan is trying to contact Calcutta.

"Roshan! How many times have you contacted Calcutta? We are not betrayers but you are. Your are good that side and this side you are calling Calcutta..haha...Don't call (Calcutta saying) settle my case, I will return to Darjeeling and not get involved with politics," Tamang has written.

Explaining that he was retaliating because Giri and group were pricking him too often, Tamang also wrote: "Roshan! If you don't appear before court in the Madan Tamang case, a fresh warrant will be issued, what will you do? Don't think the CBI can save you from this. I was paying all the fees till August 10 but not now. Try pricking me again and you will have to face the consequences."

Tamang has also hinted that Giri was forwarding press statement of other leaders on the run without their knowledge.

"Roshan! Prakash stays in Sikkim, Dipen in Nepal.. Are you moving like Hanuman from one place to another collecting press release?" Tamang has questioned in one of his releases.

Prakash Gurung and Dipen Mallay are former elected GTA Sabha members, who are also on the run.

Giri on his part has not replied to any of Tamang's addresses and has restricted himself to forwarding press statements in the group.


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