Laugh riot to regale wannabe achievers

Notoriety rules

  • Published 5.06.05
(From top) Navjyot Singh Sidhu and Cyrus Broacha at their humorous best at the Teacher’s Highnights event at Taj Bengal; DJ Notorious conquers the console at BED on Friday. Pictures by Rashbehari Das

He can extemporise a back-chat, crack jokes at the drop of a hat and make you a sacrificial bakra in no time. Meet MTV VJ Cyrus Broacha.

This one has as loud a sense of humour as the crack of his willow, his turbans are as colourful as a pack of crayons and his favourite pastime is Ganguly-bashing. Meet ex-cricketer and commentator Navjyot Singh Sidhu.

And together they can leave the crowd in splits. The proof of this pudding is in the laughing. If you were among the motley gathering at Crystal Room, The Taj Bengal, on Friday evening, you would remember the evening and the cramps in your stomach for a long time to come.

The laugh riot was part of the Teacher’s Highnights meet to create awareness about the Teacher’s Achievement awards to be held at the end of the year. Rahul Dravid and Shankar Ehsaan Loy have been some of the winners in the past.

MTV’s funny man for the past 10 years, Cyrus, regaled with anecdotes like “After my marriage my wife did not allow me to go near her for a long time for fear of being turned into a bakra!”

Cyrus went on to reveal more about himself. “I think MTV is the only place I can survive in. I have dilly-dallied with theatre but you have to be very punctual and particular on stage. It demands a lot of discipline which I lack.” The VJ also wants to try his mouth at radio but is afraid to take the plunge owing to his indisciplined nature.

In keeping with the theme of the evening, both entertainers emphasised the qualities that make an achiever. According to Cyrus, people who face obstacles on the path to their goals should take heart from his life. “I achieved whatever I have despite a father who abused people while driving, a mother who did not know a single word of Hindi and a voluptuous cousin!”

The Sardar, however, showed more respect for his relatives. His paranormal ability of playing with words was much appreciated by the audience. “Between the regret of yesterday and the hope of tomorrow lies the opportunity of today. He who grabs the opportunity by its neck, triumphs,” was his advice to wannabe achievers.

Notoriety rules

When the temperature is hovering around 40 degrees Celsius and the humidity is stifling, being naughty and notorious is not high on the day’s to-do list. But revellers in BED on Ballygunge Circular Road defied the Met Office when DJ Notorious turned the tables on them.

As soon as he took charge of the console after midnight, people put on their dancing shoes and attacked the floor. Saat Samundar, Bindaas, Woh lamhe and Tu tu hai wohi were some of the numbers that kept them going.

“The party scene in Calcutta is showing positive signs. We, in Mumbai, always thought that partying is something that does not happen in Calcutta. But I am surprised to see that so many night clubs have come up and all of them are doing good business,” complimented the guest DJ who chooses to be known as Notorious.