Couple held for newborn murder

Jalpaiguri: A middle-aged couple were arrested in Jalpaiguri district for allegedly killing their newborn girl child within 24 hours of her birth and throwing the body into a pond at a relative's place on Sunday.

They have five children and even a grandchild and were apprehensive that they would be ridiculed by the children, relatives and acquaintances for the newborn's birth, police sources said.

Dilip and Sumati Chakraborty are residents of Fulbari that is on the outskirts of Siliguri and under Jalpaiguri district. Dilip is 47, while Sumati is 38.

The couple has two sons and three daughters. Their elder daughter is married and has a child.

"As Sumati got pregnant on last year, they planned to kill the child. They were worried that if their sixth child is born, it would be matter of disgrace for them, particularly because they have a grandchild," said a police source.


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