BJP seeks support, CPM rejects

Mukul Roy hands over a BJP flag to Sunil Pal (extreme right) in Krishnagar on Sunday. Picture by Pranab Debnath

Krishnagar: The BJP on Sunday asked the CPM to extend support to the saffron party to de-fragment the Opposition in Bengal and unite against the common enemy, the Trinamul Congress.

The call by BJP leader Mukul Roy was rejected outright by Alimuddin Street which said the BJP and Trinamul are both sides of the same coin.

"Leave your flags behind and come join our cause. It hardly matters whom you support. What matters is whom we all oppose," said Roy.

The former de facto number two in Trinamul was speaking to the media after Nadia Trinamul leader Sunil Pal joined the BJP.

"I invite the Left, the CPM and all its partners, to join our cause," said Roy.

"I doff my hat to the CPM and other Leftists, who have been braving threats, intimidation, violence and terror unleashed by Trinamul alongside the BJP and submitting nominations in the panchayat polls," he added.

Roy said given the current situation in Bengal, the most important consideration should be to ensure the defeat of Trinamul.

"We have been fighting a common battle, the enemy is the same. Let's bring back democracy to Bengal together," he added.

CPM MLA from Jadavpur and Left legislature party leader Sujan Chakraborty said Trinamul in Bengal and the BJP at the Centre were both sides of the same coin and there was no question of uniting forces with one against the other.

"Let Mukul Roy come out of the shelter of the saffron flag, then we will talk," said Chakraborty.

Trinamul, however, alleged a nexus between the Left and the BJP, something Mamata Banerjee had talked about in the past. "Mukul Roy has made the nexus public. We were aware of it and the people of Bengal will once again give both a befitting reply," said Nadia district Trinamul President Gouri Shankar Dutta.


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