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13 bright ideas

The Telegraph Salt Lake looks up 13 pet innovations from around the world that need to be replicated here

  • Published 10.08.18

1. Video calls with your dog

Every pet parent feels guilty leaving his pet behind and going out. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could video call your pet a couple of times from office? Products like Petcube have wi-fi connected cameras and two-way audio speakers. Through the cube-shaped device, you can see your dog on your smartphone’s screen and he can hear your voice. You can even dispense some treats from the gadget or get it to shoot out laser beams, for your pet to chase about. 

2. Fetching toy

While you may tire out throwing the ball, your dog will never tire out retrieving it. Enter toys like iFetch. This toy can go on launching balls all day. As per available space, one can select the distance the ball would be flung. The dog runs to fetch it, drops it back into the gadget and the toy launches it again. Busy pet, happy pet. 

3. Fitbit for your dog

You love your new Fitbit; would you consider gifting one to your dog? Bands like the FitBark are to be buckled on your dog’s neck and would monitor his activities round the clock. It would count the steps he takes, the calories he burns and monitor his sleep pattern. You would get to read his reports on your smartphone and compare them with benchmarks for his breed. 

4. Pet sitter’s network

This is for every pet parent who hates leaving his pet home alone. Rover is an app that lets you browse around for registered dog sitters nearby and hire them. The sitter can come sit at your house, you can drop your dog off at theirs, he/she can walk your dog or even drop by for quick short playtimes or potty breaks through the day. 

5. Automatic feeder

For pet parents always in a hurry to reach home and feed their pets, products like Petnet SmartFeeder are a boon. One first enters the pet’s details such breed, age, weight and activity level. The device calculates the amount of pet food the dog requires and dispenses the amount on schedule, whether or not you reach home on time. 

6. Automatic water fountain

You pour water into his bowl in the morning and its gets cloudy with food particles that wash off his mouth. Or worse, you return home and realise the bowl is empty and your dog thirsty. Products like WaterDog eliminate such problems. Once fixed to a tap, it starts streaming whenever the dog comes within three inches and stops when he leaves. 

7. Cooling bed

Here’s a gadget that would keep your pet feeling cool and not shoot up your electric bill either. Products like the K&H Cool Bed III are water beds of sorts. It looks like a regular mat till you fill it up with cold water. The water cools the entire rug and brings relief to a pet sitting on it. 

8. Therapautic sauna set

If a sauna bath relaxes you, it would relax your dog too. Products like Fauna Sauna provide a bed with raised edges which radiate far infrared heat to help your dog get relief from arthritis, swelling, hip dysplasia and also stress and anxiety. The makers claim there is no contact between the heat source and the pet, thereby ruling out any chance of a burn or skin irritation.

9. Shower stall

Is it you who ends up wet every time you give your dog a bath? Pet wash enclosures are top-open shower stalls where your dog enters for a bath. There are jet showers that spray him from within and a telephone shower for you to do the needful from above. With the dog contained in the unit, the bathing experience is compact and easier. 

10. Portable grass to pee on

What do you do when it’s pouring outside and your dog needs to go take a leak? Fresh Patch is a carton of hydroponically grown dirt-free grass that you open before your dog. Seeing grass he would feel the urge to relieve himself on it. The patch would absorb the liquid and control the odour. The entire unit is to be disposed and replaced with a new one next time your dog needs to pee. The patches are a good idea for pets whose parents work long hours at the office too. 

11. Care for about-to-shed fur

At every season change, your dog sheds like there’s no tomorrow and your clothes, couches and beds are covered with fur. Now special vacuum cleaners like the Dyson Groom brush the dogs’ coat and pick up loose fur before they make their way to the floor. The device, that’s comfortable for dogs, removes dead skin too. 

12. GPS tracker

There’s no fear like the fear of having one’s dog going missing. Now pet tracking collars like Tagg will pinpoint your dog’s exact location on your smartphone. What’s more, it would even send you an SMS if he oversteps his set boundaries. 

13. Vaccination reminders

If you’ve ever forgotten your pet’s vaccination date, this one’s for you. Apps like PetPartner liaise between pet parents and vets, and send them reminders before vaccines, annual check ups, insurance payments, and also book appointments.