Scheme for food safety

HEALTH WARNING: A roadside food vendor at Unit-II in Bhubaneswar on Thursday. Picture by Ashwinee Pati

Bhubaneswar: One need not worry about the safety and standards of food while eating out anymore as the health and family welfare department has come up with a programme to ensure it.

He said it aimed to ensure safety of street food and that served in hotels and restaurants in the state.

"A number of disease has spread its tentacles because of unsafe food consumption. We have already a mechanism to check the food items, and the new programme will be added on to it," said a health department official.

The new Food Safety Programme will be implemented throughout the state with a pilot implementation from Bhubaneswar. Sources said officials were planning to make periodic inspections of food to ensure it was safely served to the people alongside other related activities.

A meeting to fix on the modalities of the programme will be held later in this month. "We have prepared the draft plan and called officials of the finance as well as planning and convergence departments to discuss on other aspects of the scheme. It will be rolled out from Bhuban-eswar," he said.

Officials said the state government had begun a process to set up a well-equipped food-testing laboratory in Bhuba-neswar. It will be set up in co-ordination with Idco and the Spice Board of Kerala.

"We have finished talking with the spice board. The project report is under preparation," said an Idco official.

"There is a need to do periodic inspections of the food, we have outside since we don't know under what circumstances they are preparing it. Such a programme should be implemented on priory basis," said Patia resident Subhadra Mohapatra.


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