Dhumpa dance gets a lease of life - Unique folk dance forms of the state get recognition from audience on the third day of Ganjam Mahotsav

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  • Published 8.01.11

Berhampur, Jan. 7: Dhumpa, which is a dying folk dance from Digapahandi area in Ganjam district, entertained the audience along with other cultural programmes on the third day of the Ganjam Mahotsav on Thursday.

A team of about 20 members of the Dadhibamana Dhumpa and the Gana Badya Digapahandi performed for about 15 minutes with a peculiar musical instrument fitted on a long wooden ply that was operated by four persons simultaneously.

Vocalists performed a duet on a number of musical instruments that accompanied the Ghuduki and mardal.

They performed Dhumpa to the tune of Champu from Kabi Surya Baladev Rath.

“Dhumpa has found patronage by the erstwhile royal dynasty of Digapahandi. When we started Ganjam Mahotsav during 2007, Dhumpa was almost a dying art and the credit must go to Surya Narayan Patra, the present revenue minister, who saved the art lost into oblivion,” said Ajit Sahu, co-advisor of Ganjam Mahotsav.

“Dhumpa was almost dwindling but it is now reviving gradually. The number of artists of Dhumpa is 30 to 40 now who live in Digapahandi area.

“They are very dedicated but require proper encouragement and public patronage,” minister Surya Narayan Patro said.

The animal dance of G Bhaskar and group, Ghanta Mrudanga by Sri Chaitanya Nityananda Ghanta Mrudanga Sangha Binchanapalli, Odissi by Sri Jagannath Kala Niketan Digapahandi, Bharat Natyam by B Punija and Usharani, modern dance by Murchana and the immortal songs of Akshya Mohanty by Aswini Mohapatra and party enthralled the audience with their unique performance and antics.

The child artistes of Creams Dance Academy danced to the tunes the patriotic songs that also won many hearts.

“The folk arts performed today were fascinating. I loved Dhumpa and the animal dance. It would be good if we had regular performances by these artistes,” said Nilima Sahoo, a viewer.