Cuttack on CCTV vigil

The new office of deputy commissioner of police where the central control room for CCTV cameras will come up in Cuttack. Picture by  Badrika Nath Das

Cuttack: Process has started for installing CCTV cameras in various strategic locations for a wider surveillance system in the city.

Deputy commissioner of police Akhileswar Singh on Wednesday said the State Police Housing Welfare Corporation was working on the detailed project report for execution of the CCTV project.

The project envisages installation of CCTV cameras having high-end sensors, along with red light violation detection and automatic number plate recognition system. It also included installation of Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras at some places.

The police had mooted the project four years ago. But, it was put on hold for want of required funds.

"But, the process has been started now with the state government sanctioning Rs 11 crore for the CCTV project for Cuttack city on the basis of the DPR submitted earlier," Singh said. "The funds have already been released from the state police headquarters to the corporation for implementing the project," he said.

Initially, the project had been planned with cameras at Badambadi, Buxi Bazar, Chandi Chakh, Khannagar, Madhupatna, OMP, Ranihat and Sikharpur with control rooms at the respective nearest police stations. Later, installation of cameras at the strategic locations was planned by the police as part of a wider surveillance system.

"A total of hundred CCTV cameras will be installed at 34 locations, including all the entry and exit points of the city, with the central control room for them at the new DCP office building," Singh said.

Orissa High Court-formed traffic management committee for Cuttack is hopeful that the CCTV cameras placed atop traffic signals and along busy roads would be extremely useful for video surveillance and monitoring traffic.

Committee member advocate Pravat Ranjan Dash said: "The CCTV cameras would be useful to enforce speed and red light laws and effective in catching moving violations and imposing fines. Besides, the surveillance cameras posted at intersections can encourage safe driving and discourage violations."


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