Cracker shop rules

diwali delight: Temporary cracker shops at Unit-I in Bhubaneswar on Sunday.
Picture by Ashwinee Pati

Bhubaneswar: Police have issued guidelines for setting up temporary cracker shops in the city for Diwali to be celebrated on October 19.

The cops have restricted opening of firecracker shops within 50-metre radius of any residential areas.

Concerned police stations have been asked to come up with suitable locations, especially spacious grounds, for the shops to be set up in clusters. The cops said the temporary cracker shops must have distance of three metres between each other and their doors must not face each other. The police have also banned display of fireworks within 50 metres of any temporary shed.

"Under no circumstances, more than 50 shops can be erected in one cluster. The temporary sheds should be made of asbestos cement sheets. Electrical lights, if used, shall be fixed to the wall or ceiling and shall not be suspended by flexible wire," said deputy commissioner of police Satyabrata Bhoi.

He also said there would be a blanket ban on the import, marketing and sale of hazardous crackers, including the Chinese ones, which usually crossed the prescribed limits of 125 decibels.

Official sources said the police had in 2015 issued as many as 703 licences for setting up cracker kiosks in Bhubaneswar. Last year, the number came down to 330 after the police had imposed restrictions on the shops that used to be opened in markets and other residential areas. The police said that so far around 300 applications had been received for licence for crackers shops.

Similarly, the East Coast Railway will start a special drive on transportation of crackers on trains. It has urged passengers not to carry crackers on trains.

"Co-passengers are requested to bring such incidents under the notice of railway officials on the train. Carrying inflammable materials, including firecrackers, on train is a punishable offence, and the offender may be sentenced to an imprisonment up to three years," said a railway official.

He said the passengers could call helpline No. 182 to report any incident concerning carrying crackers on train.


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