Tingrai unit of ACKS for job security

Duliajan: The Tingrai circle of Assam Chah Karmachari Sangha (ACKS) in Dibrugarh has demanded security of jobs, benefits, assurance to workers and provident fund from the new company which has taken over eight gardens of Mcleod Russell.

The eight tea estates under Doomdooma circle in Tinsukia district had been recently sold by Mcleod Russell India Limited to M.K. Shah Exports Limited. Mcleod Russell has sold 12 gardens of which 8 fall under the Doomdooma circle.

The secretary of Tingrai circle of ACKS, Rishav Kalita, demanded that the matter be discussed with the management of new company as they had earlier received bonus, provident fund and other benefits. He also demanded that the government issue a "no objection certificate" to provide assurance on job security and talks to settle worker-related problems.

A source in MK Shah Exports said the priority of the company was the workers. "The workers are the reason behind a successful tea plantation and we always go out of the way to ensure that we are always completely compliant with all aspects of Plantation Labour Act. We plan to do the same with the new estates."


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