Science lessons via mushroom farming

Guwahati: The Mushroom Development Foundation (MDF), in collaboration with the Assam Science Technology and Environment Council (ASTEC), has started a pilot project on mushroom cultivation at Chandrapur School on the outskirts here to generate interest about science and technology among students.

General secretary of the MDF Pranjal Baruah said students are scared of science and mathematics. "Most of the students do not show any interest in learning science and math. They think that these two subjects are very tough. We have started this pilot project to remove such fears. ASTEC is giving us the financial support," Baruah said.

He added that the students will be given hands-on training on mushroom cultivation. This will help them gain knowledge about science and technology. The participants will also learn the business, Baruah said.

"The project will cost around Rs 2.5 lakh. A part of the fund has been released by ASTEC. A workshop on mushroom cultivation has also been conducted," he said. The MDF has developed systems for every point along the mushroom cultivation chain, from spawning to marketing. A network of mushroom farmers has been formed to strengthen farmers' control over their crops and their markets. Baruah said if the project becomes successful they will conduct similar projects in other schools across the city.


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