Push for awareness on GST

The rally in Guwahati on Saturday. Picture by UB Photos

Guwahati: The commissioner for goods and services tax, Viney Kumar Paul, on Saturday said the city was lagging behind in creating awareness on the new system. He said the Guwahati GST commissionerate will organise extensive awareness programmes to reduce the gap with other cities.

"The ultimate objective of the new tax system is to reduce the problems of traders and consumers. But it will not be successful if people are not aware about its benefits. So we have taken the initiative here and will continue to create awareness through various platforms," Paul said after flagging-off a bike rally to create consumer awareness.

"I appeal to the public to buy all items after checking the maximum retail price. GST is included in the MRP. A customer should not pay excess for GST," he said.

"Consumers should be aware about asking invoice for every purchase. This way, the traders become liable to pay GST and would not misuse the system. Hence, a consumer plays a great role in the success of the new tax system. GST will not only lead to tax reformation but also business reformation. Our GST helpdesk is working successfully and a series of awareness programmes were held, which will continue," he said.

Officers, staff and their family members took part in the bike rally, which started from the GST commissionerate office at Bhangagarh, and went around the central part of the city. Two tableaus of Bihu dance and gayan-bayan were also created for the rally.

The GST commissionerate has been creating awareness through billboards, jingles on FM radio, newspaper advertisements and contact programmes with taxpayers-cum-consumers. Officials said around 40,700 traders have registered under GST so far. In Guwahati, all registration for migration to GST has been completed and fresh registration is on.


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