MNF promises to decentralise power

Zoramthanga addresses the gathering in Champhai on Thursday. Picture by Henry L. Khojol

Aizawl: The Mizo National Front (MNF) on Thursday pledged to accord top priority to decentralisation of power if it wins the Assembly election.

Speaking at a political training programme in Champhai on Thursday, MNF president Zoramthanga said they would accord more autonomy to every district and village through decentralisation of power.

"We will introduce a new system and decentralise power to the districts and village councils. A district's issue should be taken up by it and likewise a village's problem taken up by a village council," he said.

He said if the MNF was voted to power, his government would not allow the administrative control to be restricted in the hands of secretaries and directors.

Zoramthanga said the decentralisation of power was already evolved by the MNF in its socio-economic development policy (SEDP), a programme to bring systematic change and boost economic development in the state.

Taking a jibe at the Congress, he said development had come to a standstill under its rule.

"There are no signs of development under the Congress rule despite having a budget double than that during the earlier MNF rule. There have been no new initiatives under this government," he said.

He alleged that many women had become widows and children lost their fathers owing to consumption of liquor from shops opened by the state government.

"The Congress government has not only opened liquor shops but also started constructing a liquor factory, which was discovered recently at Chawngte in Lawngtlai district," he said.

He said the latest political developments indicate that the Congress is sure to meet its downfall in the Assembly polls.

The former chief minister said if the MNF comes to power, it would undertake massive efforts to bring economic self-sufficiency to the state, which is the main objective of the SEDP. "We will convert all suitable lands for wet rice cultivation in order to produce surplus foodgrain and to achieve this, we will construct and improve agricultural link roads and bamboo link roads," he said.


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