Internet off for 24 hours, curfew on

Students' group leaders meet Prestone Tynsong in Shillong on Monday. Picture by UB Photos

Shillong: Suspension of mobile Internet facilities will continue for another 24 hours and imposition of curfew will continue in the next few days, though life is slowly returning to normal in the capital city of Meghalaya.

East Khasi Hills deputy commissioner P.S. Dkhar on Monday said the relaxation of curfew remains unchanged - from 7am to 6pm - in areas under the Lumdiengjri police station and Cantonment Beat House, while night curfew in the whole Shillong agglomeration will continue from 9pm to 5am. The areas under the Lumdiengjri police station include Jaïaw, Mawkhar, Umsohsun, Riatsamthiah, Wahingdoh, Mission, Mawprem, Lumdiengjri, Lamavilla, Qualapatty, Wahthapbru, Sunny Hill, Cantonment, Mawlong Hat including areas under Cantonment Beat House (excluding localities beyond Umshyrpi bridge).

"We are closely monitoring the situation and based on it a decision has been taken to either relax or lift curfew totally," Dkhar said. He added that suspension of Internet would continue for another 24 hours.

Curfew and suspension of mobile Internet were imposed from June 1. Earlier, rumour-mongers had spread fake news and messages on the incident at Them ïew Mawlong which occurred on May 31 that led to a violent agitation at Motphran.

It started after an exchange of words between a bus driver and a woman. The altercation that led to the assault of the driver and two other persons caused a volatile situation from May 31.

The standoff between the mob and security forces continued at Motphran and Mawkhar as the police, who were exercising maximum restraint, were pelted with stones.

The Khasi Students' Union, Federation of Khasi Jaiñtia and Garo People and the Hynñiewtrep National Youth Front met deputy chief minister and chairman of the committee Prestone Tynsong and demanded that the committee speed up the matter. They also asked the Meghalaya government to ensure that organisations from outside Meghalayado not try to interfere. They said the United Sikhs Organisation should not interfere in affairs of the state.


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