Governor asked to leave Mizoram

Aizawl: A day after former Kerala BJP leader Kummanam Rajasekharan was sworn in as the governor of Mizoram, the People's Representation for Identity and Status of Mizoram (Prism), the anti-corruption-watchdog-turned-political party on Wednesday asked him to leave the state, expressing apprehension over his alleged anti-secular activities in his home state Kerala.

The party wrote to Mizoram Kohran Hruaitute Committee (MKHC), a conglomerate of 13 major churches in Mizoram, all political parties and civil society organisations appealing to them to oppose Rajasekharan, who, the party alleged, was an "anti-secular governor," to ensure freedom of religion in the state.

It also asked them to take measures to make the governor leave Mizoram at the earliest.

In its letter, Prism alleged that Rajasekharan is well known for his anti-secularism that goes against the Constitution. "He (Rajasekharan) has been a hardcore member of the RSS, Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Hindu Aikya Vedi, well known for his anti-Christian missionaries and Christians activities," the letter alleged.

Earlier, a Bangalore-based Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) had opposed Rajasekharan's appointment.

Despite stiff opposition, Rajasekharan was sworn in as the governor of Mizoram on Tuesday."I will try my best for the welfare of the people of Mizoram. My main mission is to develop the state, promote education, trade and commerce besides agriculture," he had said. He also said he would not be involved in politics to disturb the peaceful environment of the state.


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