Cong accuses BJP of 'cheap' politics

PCC spokesman Apurba Kumar Bhattacharjee. Picture by Manash Das

Guwahati: The Assam PCC on Tuesday urged told the BJP to stop playing "cheap" politics on the NRC issue and questioned the reasons behind "dropping" names of people from the Hindu Bengali, Gorkha and Hindi-speaking communities residing in the state from the final draft of the NRC.

General secretary and senior PCC spokesman Apurba Kumar Bhattacharjee said this at a news conference in Rajiv Bhawan, the Congress headquarters, on Tuesday.

Bhattacharjee asserted that the Congress is in favour of an error-free NRC with no names of foreigners and appealed to the Supreme Court to ensure an accurate NRC.

Bhattacharjee said: "Since the publication of the final draft of the NRC in the state on July 30, the BJP has been indulging in cheap politics. Apart from names of numerous indigenous people, names of people belonging to the Hindu Bengali, Gorkha and Hindi-speaking communities, residing in Assam since Independence, have been dropped from the final draft of the NRC. We have noticed that six members of a 10-member family sharing the same legacy data do not figure in the list.

"A central government retiree passing matric exams in 1966, with the names of his father and mother figuring in the 1951 NRC, found that the name of his son was missing in the final draft. Deben Burman, a person belonging to the Rajbongshi community of Golakganj in Dhubri district committed suicide on August 6 after not finding names of his son and grandchildren in the final draft. Several other people have also committed suicide for similar reasons," he alleged.

Bhattacharjee alleged that the BJP had planned to include names of Hindus from Bangladesh by passing the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 and their names were dropped from the final draft of the NRC for that reason. "It is an attempt to create a vote bank of this community," he said.

"Names of 1.8 lakh people in Tinsukia district belonging to the Bengali, Gorkha and Hindustani communities are missing," he said.


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