Campaign to end child abuse

Mukul Borah speaks during the campaign in Guwahati on Friday. Picture by Manash Das

Guwahati: World Vision India (WVI), an NGO working for underprivileged children, launched its national campaign to end child abuse and exploitation by 2021 here on Friday.

"Our aim is to create awareness and empower everyone against child sexual abuse. All stakeholders have to work together to stop such cases. We will carry out sensitisation of every section of society. We will form village-level child protection committees so that awareness can be created from grassroots," Mukul Borah, senior manager, WVI Assam, said.

Speaking on the campaign, Borah said, "We believe that violence against children is a violation of basic human rights. Sexual abuse affects a child's survival, health and education. We aim to cover 200 districts and 7,000 urban, semi-urban and rural communities to create a safe environment for children through this campaign. We look forward to engage with people from all walks of life towards ensuring a violence-free environment for our children."

The campaign will encourage the public to address values and attitudes which condone sexual abuse and exploitation of children. WVI will also train parents on child protection, parenting and care at household level and within the community, conduct comprehensive school safety measures for children, establish child protection policies and improve complaint mechanisms in schools. Sexual harassment awareness sessions will be conducted at Anganwadi centres for adolescent girls.

It will also focus on strengthening existing child protection programmes, including working with the integrated child protection scheme and child protection units, to strengthen the reporting, referral mechanisms and support programmes for incidents, organising inter-agency child protection review to ensure co-operation and accountability and sensitivity from all sections.


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