Buddhists condemn Rohingya persecution

Inmates at a Rohingya refugee camp at Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh. File picture

Agartala: The international Buddhist community has condemned religious persecution of Rohingyas in Myanmar.

In a news conference here on Thursday, International Buddhist Confederation secretary general Dhammapiya said the confederation has responded to a call from the world's political leaders to suggest alternative sustainable development measures.

Dhammapiya, who founded the Dhamma Dipa Foundation at Manubankul in South Tripura districtwas selected as the secretary general of the confederation, an international body of Buddhist world leaders, in its general assembly meeting from December 10 at New Delhi.

On the "persecution" of Rohingyas in Myanmar, allegedly by the Myanmarese army with the support of controversial Buddhist monk Ashin Wirathu, Dhammapiya said his religion didn't allow any sort of violence and intolerance.

The world Buddhist community has written to people in Myanmar to reconsider their stand and establish peace and harmony in the region, Dhammapiya said.

Wirathu was earlier branded the "Face of Buddhist Terror" by Time. He claimed he was protecting "his people". He was arrested by the Myanmarese authorities for anti-Muslim statements in 2003.

On Wirathu's call against Rohingyass, Dhammapiya on Thursday said he condemned violence on Rohingyas in Myanmar and anyone supporting it.

"It is questionable if anyone is perpetuating violence in the name of Buddhism," he said.

The confederation was working on figuring out ways of resolving conflict through Buddhist perspective, Dhammapiya added. "We shall actively participate in resolving the crisis," he said.


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