Boyfriend confesses to killing HS topper

Students of K.C. Das Commerce College protest in Guwahati on Wednesday. Picture by UB Photos

Guwahati: Govind Singhal has confessed to murdering girlfriend Sweta Agarwala, a 2015 HS commerce topper whose half-charred body was found at his rented house in Fatasil here on Monday.

Guwahati police commissioner Hiren Chandra Nath said on Wednesday, "Govind and Sweta were having an affair since May last year. The girl used to frequently visit Govind's residence and his mother and elder sister were aware of the affair. But Sweta's family did know anything about it. He did not visit her house. Govind's father lives in Siliguri and recently the entire family decided to shift there. Before Govind moved to Siliguri, Sweta wanted to tell her family about the relationship and fix their marriage. But Govind did not want to do so, leading to a quarrel between them on Monday."

Nath added, "On Monday, after taking her exam at K.C. Das Commerce College, Sweta had gone to Govind's house with him. They even had tea there. Later, a quarrel started between them about their relationship which soon turned into a physical fight. Govind pushed her and she fell against a concrete wall. Govind said she screamed and then fainted and started bleeding from the mouth. He took her to the bathroom and poured water over her. When she did not regain consciousness, he thought she had died and tried to dispose of the body in a dustbin near Fatasil market, 3km from his house. Later, he changed his plan, took the body to the bathroom and set it afire, using kerosene."

The police found blood stains on Govind's bike, on which he took the body to dispose it. "When Govind took the sack containing Sweta's body outside the house, some people noticed it but none doubted him as he used to frequently carry large sacks packed with agarbatti," Nath said.

He said Govind's mother and sister were not in the house when the incident happened. "His mother said she was at their agarbatti factory in Fatasil, around a kilometre from their house. His sister was at Christian Basti, where she takes coaching for competitive examinations at a private institute," he added.

"We found he burnt the body around 4.30pm. His mother entered the house a few minutes later. After coming to know about the incident, she abused Govind and tried to clean the house. She informed her daughter, who, after reaching home, informed police," Nath said.

Nath said there were contradictions in the statements of Govind and his mother and sister. Govind said he burnt the body after his mother and sister came home while is mother and sister said the body was burning when they came home.


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