Bio-fertiliser plant in city

Guwahati: Nova Biotech, a city-based private organic fertilizer firm, launched its first organic bio-fertiliser plant here on Friday to help government agencies accomplish the Centre's target of making the Northeast an organic hub.

The plant with initial capacity to produce 400 metric tonnes (MT) of bio-fertilisers and bio-pesticides was inaugurated at Thapana Path at Lakhra near National Highway 37.

"Since the focus now is on organic farming, we want to provide organic fertiliser and bio-pesticides based on the local climate and soil condition in the Northeast. We have appointed microbiologists who are producing more than 300 microbes to help organic farming in the region. Since the region has no local bio-fertiliser plant at present, local farmers depend on the same produced in Rajasthan and Bangalore. But climate condition in those states and the Northeast is different," the firm's proprietor, Manoj Surana, said on Saturday.


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