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Monday, December 18, 2017

Lynch witness's wife dies

First published on 13-Oct-2017

Ranchi/Hazaribagh, Oct. 12: A woman married to the prime witness in the June 29 lynching of a Ramgarh meat trader was killed in an accident this afternoon in the same town, close to the district court where her husband was appearing for a deposition related to the mob murder.

Zulekha Khatoon, 40, riding pillion on her nephew's motorcycle, suffered fatal head injuries when another bike hit them and sped off. She died at Ramgarh Sadar Hospital.

Family members of Zulekha, who was also a cousin of lynch victim Asgar Ali, alleged that her death was not accidental. They claimed she was murdered to scare Jalil into withdrawing as a witness.

While Jalil told this paper he believed his wife was murdered as Bajrang Dal members had threatened him today and earlier as well, Ramgarh police dismissed the allegations.

SP Kishore Kaushal said it was a simple bike accident. "Zulekha was not in court, she had gone to a hospital," he said. "Also, we have no information that Bajrang Dal made them threat calls." SDPO Shashi Prakash said the nephew had applied brakes suddenly.

Till 8.30pm, when the report was filed, no FIR was lodged.

Trader Jalil had been an eyewitness to Ali's lynching on June 29 morning on a road in busy Bazartand of Ramgarh town.

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