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Neha Kumari (20)

Duty, and hopes in Jharkhand

Three first-time voters from Jamshedpur tell The Telegraph their concerns and expectations

By Antara Bose
  • Published 7.12.19, 12:03 AM
  • Updated 7.12.19, 12:03 AM
  • a min read

Why vote: There are so many times that we blame the government but I believe we can only have the right to do so if we vote.

Concerns: Higher education and employment. These two are interrelated. We do not have world-class universities. Moreover, those existing should adapt a syllabus that is more skill and job oriented. It should make us ready for the modern world. Many a times, we don't even get proper text books for the prescribed syllabus. I would like to see a university in Jharkhand that would shine bright with other top colleges in rankings across the globe. A university which not just distributes academic degrees but also builds its future on research and innovation.

(Picture sourced by The Telegraph)
Photo Credit: (Picture sourced by The Telegraph)
Aakash Kumar (22)

Why vote: Voting is respecting the democratic power that has been bestowed on you by the constitution. It is also about taking the responsibility to choose a better leader for a better future of the state.

Concerns: Jharkhand is backward in many ways: Connectivity, infrastructure and primarily job opportunities. For any student, getting employed is a main concern. Also it's not about just employment but a job that would satisfy you. Jharkhand is rich in minerals therefore we need a good party that will use the state's best resources in creating more opportunities. Corruption is also very rampant in the state. For every possible thing, one has to bribe. 

(Picture sourced by The Telegraph)
Photo Credit: (Picture sourced by The Telegraph)
Dhwani Parmar (19)

Why vote: So that we can exercise our right in a democratic country and be responsible towards our state.

Concerns: Corruption. No matter where you go, right from a block office to the highest level. Once corruption is solved half of the problems of any state will automatically be resolved. I must agree that law and order is still in a somewhat better position than north India but there is still scope for improvement. Someday I would want to see Jharkhand as one of the developed states with metropolitan cities.