Cap on online pleas for registration

40 IS THE LIMIT: The sub-registrar's office, Ranchi

Ranchi: The office of the registrar-general of Jharkhand has restricted the number of daily online appointments for registry of land or house to 40 under each of the 24 sub-registrars in the state.

The December 4 decision is expected to reduce the workload on land and revenue department employees who are entrusted with the crucial verification of documents submitted online.

An official at the Ranchi sub-registrar's office, which received the order on December 5, elaborated on workload.

"For registration, one has to scan and upload all related land/house documents online on our website, where there is an option to choose a district. Once a pre-registration ID is generated, one can choose either online or offline mode of appointment. Documents are verified and a registration date issued if one chooses online. In offline mode, one can directly visit the sub-registrar and see if things can be done the same day," he said.

The official added that earlier there was no limit to online appointments. "This meant a steady stream of documents being uploaded for verification, a cumbersome process. Now, only 40 will be entertained every day."

Deputy inspector-general (registration) Sahab Siddiqui said the objective was to ease pressure and increase efficiency.

"The online mode of applying for registration was introduced in the state this August. Under the system, a fixed date and time is given from the office of the sub-registrar to an applicant after verification of uploaded documents. The system is very similar to online passport application. So, there was no limit until now. The number has been limited to streamline work flow and offer better service to people," Siddiqui said.

People are unhappy though. "Since the directive has been issued, same day registration has become difficult," said civil court lawyer Panchdev Singh.

Siddiqui clarified that the number of online appointments had been limited, not the number of registrations. "The new rule will not affect offline appointments," he said.


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