Cameras to buffer parking brawls

Two-wheelers parked outside Tatanagar station on Friday. Picture by Animesh Sengupta

Jolted by complaints of violence and a recent incident of firing in the parking lot of Tatanagar station, Chakradharpur railway division has decided to install as many as 22 surveillance cameras to ensure trouble-mongers are identified and taken to task.

While the station is under the watch of 48 CCTV cameras, the parking bay was until now devoid of surveillance.

Chakradharpur senior divisional commercial manager Bhaskar on Friday said the Railway Protection Force (RPF) at Tatanagar had submitted a report on places where the cameras need to be installed.

"The RPF, which monitors the CCTV camera footage, was asked to submit a report identifying points where cameras are required. They have submitted the report according to which 22 surveillance gadgets have to be installed," Bhaskar said and added that care would be taken to bring every corner under 24/7 surveillance.

Around 4,000 four-wheelers and 3,000 two-wheelers use the Tatanagar parking lot every day. Parking staff, provided by a hired contractor, are accused of frequently getting into arguments with vehicle owners and even assaulting them over issuance of parking slip.

Bhaskar also conceded that they were prompted to take the step after last month's firing at the parking lot. On September 14, a car owner had reportedly opened fire on the staff.

Bhaskar further said that 36 additional cameras would be installed on Tatanagar platforms by mid-November.

RPF inspector M.K. Singh said while he hoped the CCTV cameras would act as a deterrent against violence, the parking contractor had also been asked to ensure peace and order at Tatanagar.


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