Basement eatery served an FIR

Jamshedpur: Civic guardian JNAC has lodged an FIR against a Sakchi restaurant for operating out of a basement meant for parking.

JNAC had sealed Mithi Mirchi in the basement of a four-storey building at SNP Area in Sakchi on December 24 last year along with the basement of a mall on Sanjay Road. To their dismay, the JNAC team found the restaurant was back in business.

"While the owner of the mall cleared the basement as per our notice, the management of Mithi Mirchi broke the seal and reopened the restaurant. So, we lodged an FIR with the Sakchi thana against the restaurant," said JNAC special officer Sanjay Pandey.

The management of Mithi Mirchi could not be contacted.

The special officer said the civic body was occupied with the national sanitation survey expected to begin anytime.

"Once the survey is over, we will take tough measures against the restaurant and other such places using basements for commercial purposes," said Pandey.

Sakchi OC Madan Sharma confirmed the FIR. "We are contemplating action against the restaurant," he said.

As per national building code, 85 per cent of a highrise basement is to be kept free for parking purposes. The rest is for generator sets and kiosks/ offices for security guards.

But basements in several high-rises, especially in Sakchi and Bistupur, have been let out to several business establishments that are running shops and eateries there. Therefore, vehicles that would have got to park in the building, have to be parked on the road.


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