Teachers starve, govt shrugs

Patna: Teachers at universities and government schools have still not received their salaries for March and April. The last time they received their salary was in April for December, January and February.

The government, however, does not seem alarmed.

Kumar Shailendra, a physics teacher at AN College, said: "Due to delay in timely payment of salaries, we are facing difficult times. We don't have the money to pay grocery bills and tuitions fees of children."

Shailendra's son has started his legal practice at Supreme Court recently, and the father has to send money regularly for his son.

"I have stopped sending money to my son for the past two months," Shailendra said.

"The last time I had sent him money was in March. I have asked my son to cut his expenses as I am not sure when I will get my salary."

Akhilesh Kumar, zoology teacher at A.N. College, said: "Due to untimely payment of salaries I could not pay the EMI for my home loan due to insufficient balance in my account. Also, this month I had to pay my insurance premium, but could not."

Akhilesh will have to pay the EMI and premium along with fines after he receives his salary.

The condition of schoolteachers is the same.

Mohammed Darakshil Alam, a teacher at the Government Middle School in Paliganj, said: "We are facing a tough time as we don't have money to meet our basic requirements. The problem becomes worse as during the holy month of Ramazan the daily expenses go up."

Abhishek Kumar, spokesperson of the Bihar Secondary Teachers Association, said: "If the government fails to release the salary soon the teachers will be left with no alternative other than to stage protests and agitations."

Asked about the pending salaries, state education minister Krishna Nandan Prasad Verma just said: "The pending salary for the months of December, January and February were paid in April. We have started the process, the university and schoolteachers will get their pending salary soon."


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