Starry start to 2018

File picture of residents moon-gazing at SK Science Centre in Patna

Patna: Those who have so far missed out on the moon-gazing experience with a telescope, here's a treat for you in store on January 1. Shrikrishna Science Centre has planned a moon-gazing experience for visitors on January 1 and 3.

According to the project co-ordinator of Shrikrishna Science Centre, Amitabh, the moon-gazing experience through telescope would, however, be possible only if the sky is clear on those days.

"On January 3, there will be a full moon. So the moon-gazing experience on that day would definitely be special but on January 1 also, a major portion of the moon can be seen through a telescope. Residents should keep their fingers crossed that the sky remains clear that day so that we can arrange the show," said Amitabh, adding that the moon-gazing experience through a telescope would be absolutely free for the residents.

Not only this, the digital planetarium at the Shrikrishna Science Centre would screen more shows on January 1. Usually four shows are screened but the authorities have planned eight-nine shows on that day. "We can further increase the number of shows in case of crowd, confirmed the project co-ordinator.

While on normal days, the centre is opened at 10.30am, on January 1, it will be opened at 10am while the closing time of the centre would be on the usual time (6.30pm). "We have only one ticket counter but with the view in increase in the number of visitors on January 1, we are going to open five ticket counters. Usually 1,200 visitors come on a daily basis but on the first day of the year, around 8,000 people visit the centre," said Amitabh.

He added: "There would also be 12 public demonstrations in which four experts would conduct small experiments on physics, chemistry and other subjects. The demonstrators would also show experiments that would bust myths related to magic shows such as making invisible ink. The writing would be rendered visible by heating the paper and using some other ways. Handkerchief magic would also be shown."

The centre is set to introduce two new facilities - science on sphere and children's gallery - in February next year. While the science on sphere would have various displays based on science, the children's gallery being developed at a cost of Rs 1.5 crore would have around an 8ft well-crafted dollhouse replete with miniature style furniture and an artificial doctor's clinic (around 8ft-long) among other props to help children weave their imagination and strengthen their creative expression.


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