Stalkers in hostel, cry medics

Anugrah Narayan Medical College and Hospital

Gaya: Women students belonging to multiple batches of Anugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College have alleged they are being harassed and stalked by intruders who roam in the hostel area while college security guards look the other way.

Fed up with the constant harassment, some days back the students held a protest outside the principal's chamber.

They had other woes too. Harassment apart, they live in sub-human conditions with leaking roofs, unboltable toilets without flushes, and live in a hostel where five girls were crammed into dingy rooms meant for just two.

In the absence of a proper boundary wall, the premises had become a free-for-all. Stray cattle, dogs and pigs can be seen everywhere, the inmates alleged.

The problem is not new. The students had raised all these issued about two years back, on August 11, 2016, during an interactive session with senior officials including the then divisional commissioner, district magistrate and senior superintendent of police (SSP). Effective action was promised but nothing has changed, said the agitating medicos.

College principal S.K. Mahto, however, dismissed the stalking charge.

He said because the college and hospital were on the same premises, attendants sometimes accidentally stray into the teaching and hostel areas and the girls unnecessarily feel insecure.

"The charge of intruders stalking the girls is wrong," Mahto said. "Seventy-six security guards provide 24x7 security cover in three eight-hour shifts here."

The authorities blamed the building construction and public health and engineering department (PHED) for the pitiable condition of the hostels.

Divisional commissioner Jitendra Srivastav, who is ex-officio chief of the Rogi Kalyan Samiti, said the issue was never brought to his notice. He would take effective steps to address the concerns, he said.

College principal Mahto said the students' main grouse pertained to simultaneous burning of two transformers that had led to hostel inmates having to brave the heat and face a water crisis.

About the unboltable toilets, the principal said the old toilets occasionally gave troubles. Repair work was carried out as and when the inmates informed college authorities.

He, however, agreed that the hostels were overcrowded. "The premises was designed to accommodate 50 medicos," Mahto said.

"Six years back, MCI doubled intake, but there has been no corresponding infrastructure expansion. Work is under progress for expansion of the existing infrastructure."


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