Spotlight on what ails working women

Delegates at the Indian Dietetic Association seminar on Thursday. Telegraph picture

Patna: A lot of working women suffer from stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, anaemia and other health complications because of nutritional deficiencies.

The national president of Indian Dietetic Association (IDA), Sheela Krishnaswamy, said working women were stretching themselves to strike a balance between work and family while ignoring the right diet. She was speaking at a state-level seminar organised by IDA's state chapter on Thursday on the role nutrition plays in women's lives.

"Working women are not able to fulfil their nutritional requirements because of their workload inside and outside home. Such women should consult dieticians to know their actual nutritional requirement and make their diet-plan accordingly. This can help them kip fit and they will be able to do their work more effectively both at home and at work," Krishnaswamy said.

Nutrition consultant from Mumbai Salome Benjamin said usually the protein content was less than it should be in a women's diet. "Besides, the total calorie intake was less than the prescribed norm. Calories are units of energy needed to fuel daily activity. The amount of fuel a woman need daily depends on many factors including size, age and activity level," said Benjamin.

She also talked about increasing non-communicable diseases among women because of lifestyle related disorders .

She asked women to include green leafy vegetables, milk, pulses in their diet.

Other experts stressed on lack of exercise, excessive dependency on junk food due to workload among other factors that cause nutritional deficiencies among working women. City-based gynaecologist Manju Gita Mishra said that women could play a proactive role in fulfiling the nutritional requirements of their family members.

Dr Amrita Rai, Dr Ruma Goswami and Dr Anupam Srivastava were among other speakers on the occasion.


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