Smart city first meet

Patna: Patna commissioner Anand Kishor chaired the first meeting of the board of directors of Patna Smart City Limited Company on Tuesday in which 26 agendas got clearance.

The company has been registered for the implementation of smart city projects in Patna. It was decided that town commissioners will hold the post of chief executive officer of the company until the appointment of a suitable person.

The meeting also sanctioned various posts for the company and included several ex-officio posts as director, including that of mayor of Patna and district magistrate of Patna. It was also decided that the project management consultancy will be selected by Patna Municipal Corporation and the civic body will come out with a tender to select a competent agency.

A tender committee was formed to open the bid. It was also decided to formulate a service condition for the employees who will be recruited for implementing various projects. Another seven-member committee was formed which would have financial delegation.

The board of directors rejected the detailed project report submitted for the construction of sewage from Mandiri. It asked BUIDCO to prepare another report within a month. It authorised the company's managing director to purchase furniture and other accessories for the 6,000sqft Biscomaun Towers office near Gandhi Maidan.


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