Sept. date for diving course - Swimming institute to train youngsters for deep blue adventure

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  • Published 5.08.14

Come September, enthusiasts can get training in scuba and deep diving.

In a first-of-its-kind venture anywhere in Bihar, and probably the eastern India, Jal Krira Vihar and Prashikshan Sansthan, a city swimming school, is launching this facility next month. It has already completed the work of its deep diving bell in its swimming pool.

Pradeep Kumar Dey and Sunil Pandit, former navy officers, would be roped in for the training.

While Dey was a leading aircraft ordnance mechanic ship’s diver under Indian Navy for around 10 years, Sunil is a former sub-lieutenant with Indian Navy, who also happened to be a clearance diver.

A clearance diver is a specialist naval officer who uses explosives underwater to remove obstructions to make harbour and shipping channels safe to navigate.

Youngsters would be able to enjoy deep diving and scuba diving under 30ft of water at the institute. The instructors can go under 120ft to 180ft water.

The swimming school has spent more than Rs 10 lakh on developing the diving bell and purchasing the equipment for deep diving training.

Officials of Jal Krira Vihar and Prashikshan Sansthan said creating deep diving bell was definitely a challenging task for them.

“The uniqueness of the deep diving bell, which we have created in our swimming pool, is that it has been created 40ft under ground. Our swimming pool is 5ft feet deep and it is 11ft below the road level and we had to construct a 30ft deep diving bell. Definitely, it was very challenging. A large volume of water used to gush into the pressure chamber of deep diving bell. It took us three years to create the diving bell. We started our work on January 16, 2011, and we finished it on July 4. An engineer of the water resources department has created the deep diving bell,” said Upendra Kumar, secretary, Jal Krira Vihar and Prashikshan Sansthan.

Upendra added: “We would decide the fee structure by next month. We have already started procuring various scuba diving equipment, including masks, snorkel, buoyancy compensators, regulators, oxygen cylinder tanks, GPS sets among others. There is a proper set for deep diving in the market. Learners of deep diving won’t need to bring equipment as we would provide these at the institute.”

Partha, a history teacher at Gaya College, who comes once a week to learn swimming at Jal Krira Vihar and Prashikshan Sansthan, said: “Water attracts me very much and I love taking challenges as well. Deep diving is best suited to my character as well. So I have decided to master this art,” said Partha.

The institute is also planning to start a certified deep diving course in near future in collaboration with a France-based company.

“Scuba diving or deep diving is basically for entertainment and exploring the beauty of underground water but if anybody wants to make a profession out of it, s/he would definitely required qualification in this. We have initiated talks with a French company. Our plan is to start a certified deep diving course at our institute,” he added.

Those who are learning swimming at the institute are all set to take a plunge in the deep diving training also.

Sanjay Pandey, a businessman in the city, said: “I have joined the swimming classes here before a few weeks and I can see the difference. I have lost 5kg. Deep diving is many steps ahead of swimming, so I also want to experience it,” said Pandey.