RJD needles CM on statues

RJD national spokesperson Manoj Jha talks to the media on Thursday. (Manoj Kumar)

Patna: RJD national spokesperson Manoj Jha on Thursday asked chief minister Nitish Kumar to break his silence on the ongoing statue vandalism and claimed India was going the Taliban way.

"I'm really disappointed chief minister Nitish Kumar has so far not spoken a word about demolition of statues," Manoj said at the RJD office. "He posts tweets on trivial issues, but has remained silent on such a big issue."

He went on to say: "Periyar's bust was demolished, Bhimrao Ambedkar's statue was damaged and even Bapu's statue was demolished after Lenin's statue was toppled. I'm surprised people are not talking on the issue. I must say that not just statues, the country is being demolished."

Manoj said vandalism of statues was akin to the murder of souls who have made great contribution for the country. Jha said all these people do not belong to any political party, rather they live in people's hearts. "Long back, when Bamiyan Buddha's statue was demolished, we had said it was happening there and will never happen in India. But seeing the present situation it seems our country is going the Taliban way,"Jha said in the party office.

He said if people like Periyar, Ambedkar and Gandhi had not been around, the country would still be in the middle ages where kings decided where to sit and what to eat. "Whenever Nitish speaks up, his only motive is to attack 28-year-old Tejashwi," Manoj said. "I can understand you (read Nitish) don't have patience. I can understand for the first time you are feeling defeated in the Assembly, I can understand you are living under the fear of the RSS but there is something called dignity. How can you be silent?"

Stating that Nitish kept quiet when BJP leaders made fun of Mayawati and Renuka Choudhary, Manoj said Nitish would only speak when he gets orders from Nagpur (RSS headquarters).

"I will tell Nitish ji that in politics it is not important to exhibit clean clothes, but it is important to exhibit a clean character which is missing ever since he joined hands with the BJP," Manoj said.


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