PMC focus on pipeline repair

Mayor Sita Sahu and municipal commissioner Anupam Kumar Suman at the meeting on Tuesday. Telegraph picture

Patna: Ward councillors will get Rs 50 lakh each to repair crumbling water pipelines and a committee, comprising the Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) health officer and city managers, will decide the number of fogging machines that need to be bought after assessing the ward-wise requirement.

All these decisions were taken at the 23rd standing committee meeting of the PMC on Tuesday, which was headed by mayor Sita Sahu and attended by municipal commissioner Anupam Kumar Suman and ward councillors.

"The condition of municipal water supply pipeline is quite dismal. Of the entire length of approximately 750km of pipeline, several parts are damaged and crying for repair," said the mayor.

"Damaged pipelines not only lead to supply of contaminated water to the houses but they also lead to excessive pressure on the groundwater table as well. Today's decision of providing Rs 50 lakh to each ward councillor to repair damaged water pipeline will be extremely beneficial for residents," she added.

"Another decision which got approved in the Tuesday's meeting was the decision of providing another Rs 50 lakh to each ward councillor under Mukhyamantri Kachhi Nali Gali Yojana."

"The standing committee also okayed the proposal of forming a committee, called Ganga Pramandal Yojana, which would take care of the maintenance of the work that will be executed under the Riparian Wetland and Riverfront Development Project," added Sahu.

"The project is supposed to be completed by March 2019. The committee will look after the maintenance of the works to be executed under the project." In another decision, the committee approved the proposal of hiring Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) as a consultant for making detailed project reports of PMC-related projects.

Sources said the standing committee also okayed the proposal of getting architects empanelled with the PMC in various categories including A, B and C. The decision to buy 10 sweeping machines, 2,000 twin bin mounted litter bin, two super sucker machines, 750 RC bin, 375 twin bin garbage tipper (120l capacity), 75 twin bin dumper placer, 300 dumper placer bin and 405 hand carts was also okayed.


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