Plan to clear scrap market, ease traffic

PUT TO USE: The scrap market near Patna Junction. Picture by Nagendra Kumar Singh

Patna: Traffic superintendent of police (SP) P.K. Das has proposed clearing of a scrap market in front of the multi-level parking and utilise it for parking city buses to ease traffic near Patna Junction.

He has sent the proposal to the district administration. The multi-level parking near Buddha Smriti Park opened on December 14 for free parking of autos. But a few days later, the auto union protested, saying city buses were picking up passengers from Tata Park in front of the railway station.

As things stand now, those wanting to catch an auto have to walk around 200m to reach the multi-level parking where autos are available. But instead of making that effort, passengers prefer catching a city bus, which is nearer to the station. Das was convinced of the auto union's plight during a recent meeting with them after which he sent the proposal to the Patna divisional commissioner and Patna district magistrate's offices.

"There is huge space in front of the multi-level parking on which the scrap market exists," Das said.

"If the scrap market is removed and the place at the bus stand developed, it can solve a lot of issues. The scrap market can accommodate 20-30 city buses. Once it becomes functional the complaints of auto union would also be addressed, as even city buses will pick up passengers from the same place."

At present, the multi-level parking can accommodate 350 autos. After the new move, residents will get some relief, but city buses remain a problem as they drop and pick up passengers from Tata Park itself.

It was chief minister Nitish Kumar's idea to allow autos to park free of cost so that chaos can be minimised in the area. Nitish had gone to the area to inspect the then under-construction station road flyover, which has become functional now. At that time itself Nitish had pointed to the traffic nightmare in the area.

Das has also suggested to the district administration to install an electronic board in the multi-level parking to display number of autos parked at the place.

So, neither the district administration not the Patna commissioner's office have reacted over the proposal.


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