'Most coward' slur on CM

Patna: Tejashwi Prasad Yadav, the younger son of RJD chief Lalu Prasad, on Friday dubbed Nitish Kumar as the most coward chief minister in the country.

He was reacting to the Gaya incident in which an eight-year-old girl was kidnapped and subsequent murdered.

"He (Nitish) is the most coward chief minister in the country," Tejashwi said.

"Three children were kidnapped and murdered. Nitish ji was expected to go by road but he fled from Gaya airport itself. I will urge him to face the people and not run away from them. I don't think anyone is a bigger coward than him."

He also called the chief minister insensitive for being in town but not meeting the girl's family members.

There was violence across Gaya on Wednesday and residents spoke of the police's inefficacy in controlling crime. Residents blocked roads and torched vehicles and the violence lasted around six hours, coinciding with the chief minister's visit.

Nitish was in the district headquarters town to review development schemes undertaken under his seven resolves.

He had to hold his meeting at Bodhgaya airport because of the tense situation in town.

Tejashwi taunted Nitish for claiming to be a social reformer but not paying attention to the deteriorating law and order condition in the state.

"He is trying to become a social reformer," Tejashwi said. "You should first improve the corrupt system and inefficient law and order condition. Naiteek babu (Mr Moralist), first put a stop on loot, kidnapping and rapes and then become a social reformer." Tejashwi was mocking the human chains organised by the Bihar government against dowry and child marriage.

Tejashwhi also slammed Nitish for saying that he would ultimately renounce politics. Replying to questions on Monday over getting a bungalow in New Delhi and speculation that he might shift there, Nitish had said he will move to an ashram ultimately.

"You changed clothes to hide your misdeeds, but I must tell you that you will not become a saint," Tejashwi said. "People are watching the goondaraj. Are you planning to run away to an ashram after murdering innocent children?"

Tejashwi asked Nitish to speak on the deteriorating law and order issue. "Do not become a mauni baba (silent monk) and wake up your conscience. What have the innocent children done to you? Come out from your prohibition hangover and improve the system," Tejashwi stressed.


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