Modi to techies: Create jobs - Deputy CM inaugurates Hackathon, calls for practical apps

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By Roshan Kumar
  • Published 14.09.17

Deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi inaugurates Hackathon at BIT-Patna on Wednesday

Innovate and become job providers, deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi advised budding techies and start-up developers.

He was speaking at Hackathon, an app-development competition for engineering students that the information technology department has organised. "Youth aspiration should be to become job providers and not job seekers," said the deputy chief minister; he also holds the IT portfolio. "Youngsters should create new ideas with the use of IT. Ideas can provide millions of jobs to people."

The country and Bihar in particular has vast potential in IT, Modi said, because of the large population of youngsters. Of Bihar's total people, 40 per cent are below 21 years.

So, Modi's advice focused on technology. Transform governance system, empower generation, speed up development, improve delivery of services and design affordable products, he told the youngsters assembled for the event.

Nearly 100 students have come to the Patna campus of Birla Institute of Technology (BIT) for the 16-hour national competition aimed at providing the participants a platform to brainstorm and solve real-time problems being faced by various departments in Bihar.

The Hackathon participants. Telegraph pictures

The students, divided in 17 groups, have been given 11 tasks to solve. They have to develop programs to reduce traffic congestion, an easy navigation system for visually impaired persons, data science and climate change and real-time earthquake prediction among others.

IIT Kanpur alumnus Himanshu Agarwal, one of the jury members for Hackathon, said: "The students have been given 11 tasks to develop programs for and find the best solutions. The idea behind this event is develop a program or app that can be useful for the people."

One of the problems to solve is the impact of weather. The participants are expected to develop a system or an app that can provide farmers, suffering from floods or drought every other year, information about crops to plant and water required for irrigation. The Hackathon participants can draw from weather data provided by the department of meteorology and hydrology with weather stations throughout the state for the work.

Abhishek Ranjan from BIT Patna said: "Such events inculcate a sense of competitiveness among students as everyone wants to develop the best program. I am working on electronic personal safety system among the 11 tasks"

Here, candidates have been asked to develop as GIS (geographic information system)-based integrated solution for personal security where instant police assistance will be provided to a person in extreme distress or facing a threat.

Hackathon and the IT conclave starting Thursday are first of its kind events in Bihar, IT department's secretary Rahul Singh said, adding: "Our engineers have shown excellence in IT/IT-enabled services but the work and innovation of our engineers is not reflected in the state's progress and development. The IT department wants to tap these IT innovations."