First day cold & here to stay

THROUGH THE FOGGY GLASS: Fog shrouds Takht Sri Harmandir Sahib in Patna City on Friday evening. Picture by Sachin

Patna: The city on Friday experienced the first day cold condition this winter. The cold hit life in Patna, as flights at Patna airport could land only after 3pm and many trains were running late because of poor visibility.

Day cold condition, said Patna Meteorological office scientist Anand Shankar, prevails when minimum temperature remains below 10 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature is at least 4.5 degrees Celsius less than the normal maximum temperature.

Patna recorded a maximum of 17.4 degrees Celsius, which was 5 degrees Celsius less than the normal whereas the minimum temperature in the city was 9.6 degrees Celsius.

The Met office in its forecast said the cold day condition was likely to prevail in the city on Saturday as well.

Three places in Bihar - Chhapra, Purnea and Supaul - experienced cold day condition on Thursday.

As far as the likely weather condition is concerned, the meteorological office scientist said fog cover was likely to continue in Patna till December 31, the last day of the year.

"While the humidity level is remaining high, drop in the temperature is causing fog formation," said Shankar.

He said the duration of the fog cover would depend on wind speed and windy conditions would help in early dissipation of the fog cover.

"The weather had become calm and the wind speed was negligible in Patna on Friday. Hence, the fog cover was visible well past noon," said the meteorologicalscientist.

He said north Bihar was better off in terms of fog cover on Friday, as most places received good sunlight in the afternoon, leading to some increase in day temperatures.

Speaking about the likely temperature condition that would be recorded in Patna in the last two days of the year, Shankar said the maximum temperature was likely to be below 20 degrees Celsius till December 31, after which it could rise a little bit.

He also maintained that the minimum temperature was likely to hover between 8 and 10 degrees C in the coming two days.

The meteorological scientist ruled out possibility of rainfall in the coming two days and said no western disturbance was in sight at present.

Western disturbance is a low pressure area or extra-tropical storm originating in the Mediterranean Sea area that enters India through Pakistan and Afghanistan.

It causes winter rains in several parts of northwestern India and its impact is sometimes felt right up to Bihar and areas falling east of the state.


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