Turf war, BCCI & tamasha

Hasin Jahan (left)

Snubbed, Choudhary (a former IPS officer) could look at ways and means to make his own point or two.

More than the BCCI's acting president, C.K. Khanna, and treasurer Anirudh Chaudhry, Choudhary is in the midst of a massive territory-centred dispute with Rai, a former bureaucrat.

That explains why Choudhary didn't seek a comment from Rai on Shami's omission. In fact, somebody in the thick of things explained: "There is a complete breakdown of communication between the CoA, which means Rai, and Choudhary."

Incredible BCCI.

For the record, in the latest Status Report to the Supreme Court, the CoA has sought the removal of all three office-bearers - Khanna, Chaudhry and Choudhary.

Till the Supreme Court gives its ruling, expect to see more tamasha , almost on a par with what is raging between the Shamis.

Hasin, for her part, has escalated matters by filing a written complaint against Shami and his parents with Calcutta police.

The allegations range from adultery and cheating to mental and physical torture, domestic violence and a demand for dowry.

Lalbazar's investigation will, of course, be at one level.

Right now, the million-rupee question is who will order the probe into Hasin's BCCI-related allegations --- Khanna/ Choudhary or Rai?

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