Shahzad banned for a year

Calcutta: Afghanistan wicketkeeper Mohammad Shahzad has been banned for 12 months after pleading guilty to breaching Article 2.1 of the ICC Anti-Doping Code, the governing body said on Thursday.

“Shahzad had provided a urine sample as part of the ICC’s out-of-competition testing programme in Dubai, UAE, on 17 January 2017, inadvertently ingesting a prohibited substance,” the ICC release said.

“His sample was subsequently tested and found to contain clenbuterol, which is classified as a non-specified substance under Wada’s prohibited list and is prohibited both in-competition and out-of-competition.”

Clenbuterol, used by sufferers of breathing disorders such as asthma, is banned in and out of competition. Shahzad pleaded guilty to the violation and the ICC accepted he had “inadvertently ingested the substance as a contaminant of a weight loss product he was taking  — Hydroxycut”, the governing body added.

Shahzad can return to cricket on January 17, 2018.

“Today’s announcement reminds all international cricketers that they remain personally responsible for ensuring that anything they eat, drink or put into their bodies does not result in an anti-doping rule violation,” ICC General Manager — Cricket, Geoff Allardice said.


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