Pollock & India's 'priorities'

Port Elizabeth: Shaun Pollock criticised India's misplaced priorities and approach to the Test series against the Proteas, saying the visitors' lack of preparation stood out despite a historic ODI triumph.

"I was a little bit surprised by their batting. When they came on this tour, I thought it was going to be their strength. I was a bit disappointed with the way they went in the Test series," Pollock said.

"I suppose it goes down to what the actual goals you want to achieve are. If you want to win Test series away from home, then you have to give them more priority. And priority means more preparation.

"I think going out to England, we have heard some guys are going to play County cricket. So preparation wise, I think they will be better equipped when they go there or to Australia," said the former South Africa captain and all-rounder.

India lost the three-match Test series 1-2 after being walloped in the first two games, but have secured a first-ever ODI series win here on Tuesday. Pollock said: "We have seen they are now settled in ODIs. Probably they could have structured the tour better and had ODIs before Tests, and that could have been better preparation for India.

"I do think practice matters. You need to have two practice matches and have a guarantee that you are genuinely good opposition than just developing players. You have to set your goals."

South Africa's all-time leading Test wicket-taker added: "Is it a great thing to win the ODI series or is it a greater achievement to come and win a Test series in South Africa, which you haven't done? Maybe that's where the priorities haven't met the same preparation." PTI


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