MCA's Apte is comfortable with big decision

Justice RM Lodha

Calcutta: Abhay Apte, the straight-talking president of the Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA), isn't losing sleep after piloting a big decision: To implement the game-changing recommendations of the Rajendra Mal Lodha committee and, by doing so, respecting the Supreme Court's order of July 18, 2016.

The MCA's managing committee, which is packed with the most influential in the organisation, has unanimously decided to end the opposition.

A special general meeting will now be called to take that decision forward.

Of the 31 affiliates of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, only Vidarbha and Goa have implemented the recommendations fully. Tripura claims to be in the same bracket, but not everybody in the Board is convinced.

It's not confirmed, but word is that UP too is moving towards implementing the recommendations.

Once the appropriate resolution is approved by the MCA's general body at its special meeting, the Supreme Court would have to be intimated. As also the Committee of Administrators (CoA), appointed by the apex court.

"Funds, including infrastructure subsidy, will be released by the Board once we adopt the relevant resolution and copies are sent to the Supreme Court and the CoA...

"It's not about the MCA breaking ranks with the Board. As the president, I had to take a call and have no regrets...

"Abhay Apte may stay or he could go, but the MCA has to be there forever. This organisation isn't anybody's personal property...

"I had to be honest to our constitution and I'm happy that I was able to convince colleagues on the managing committee to embrace my thinking...

"Each one of us is clear that the MCA and its future comes first, everything else much later...

"Friends know that I don't dither and do not succumb to pressure, so I don't expect 'trouble' from anybody on Sunday and Monday when I'll be in New Delhi for the Board's SGM," Apte told The Telegraph late on Wednesday.

The MCA, by the way, is looking at an amicable resolution to two disputes as well: One with Sahara, the other with the company which built the Stadium, some distance away from Pune.


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