Kohli clears the air

Virat Kohli

Calcutta: Virat Kohli has decided to clear the air after recent pictures of him feasting on snacks and junk food have been doing the rounds.

The India captain is the epitome of fitness but his recent eating habits has puzzled his well wishers.

In an open letter to his fans, Virat has acknowledged their concerns and explained his stance.

"I believe a recent photo of me has been making the rounds for all the wrong reasons. I have received some very confused messages from my fellow fitness enthusiasts and fans," wrote Virat.

"Before I reveal my reasons, I would like to mention that I have always been, and will continue to be very vocal and passionate about the importance of eating healthy. Every individual has his own fitness level and I strongly believe we must do what works best for our bodies.

"Personally, I love to eat home-cooked meals whenever possible but my guilty pleasure is chips! Which is why you have seen me bingeing on them of late.

"I understand, and truly appreciate your concern for my health, but I assure you that my fitness regimen has not gone for a toss (pun intended)," the India captain clarified.

Eating right is not the only activity that ensures Kohli stays in perfect shape. He is deeply committed to his exercise regimen, depending on his work schedule.


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