Akram tips for India pacers

St Moritz: Wasim Akram is quite impressed with India's fast bowlers and feels they can be lethal in this year's tour of England, particularly if Mohammed Shami corrects a run-up flaw and Jasprit Bumrah devotes some time to County cricket.

Akram dissected the current Indian bowling attack, which he feels has gained in confidence unlike those of the earlier era. "Shami is a good bowler, but sometimes I feel he is a bit laidback. As a fast bowler, irrespective of the match situation, he should just sprint in and try to hurry the batsmen, who have a front-foot trigger movement," the legendary all-rounder and former Pakistan captain said on the sidelines of the St Moritz Ice Cricket Tournament, here.

Asked to elaborate on the technical aspects, Akram explained that Shami's erratic strides at times hinder his consistency level. "During his run-up, Shami, at times, tends to take small strides before his final load up to the crease.

"Now when he is in rhythm, his strides are correct and equally measured. But the moment he gets a bit wayward, his strides get smaller. It should always be the opposite."

According to Akram, smaller strides result in a loss of pace. "When the length of the stride decreases, a person's bowling action doesn't get completed. The force that is generated from the back goes missing and one loses out on a lot of pace," he said.

Shami has had a history of a dodgy knee and Akram agreed that it indeed was a genuine concern. "That will be an issue with Shami. If you look at Shoaib Akhtar, he struggled with a dodgy knee. I suppose he has to work on the lower body muscles.

"He (Shami) is a strong lad and has played fair amount of international cricket to know how he should be working on his body, so that he can play for India for at least 10 years," said Akram.

Michael Holding recently commented that Bumrah is unlikely to be a big success in England due to his hit-the-deck action, but Akram feels that it is something that can be worked upon. "I agree with Mike that you can't hit the deck on English surfaces, but that would only come with experience.

"Look, the BCCI doesn't allow all Indian boys to play County cricket. If Bumrah plays at least a month of County every year, trust me, he will be a better bowler. But then Indian board has to tell Bumrah to forego IPL and play County cricket," said Akram. PTI


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