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Akhilesh throws debate gauntlet at Modi

Akhilesh Yadav today challenged Narendra Modi to a debate, alleging the Prime Minister was falsely accusing him of having done nothing for Uttar Pradesh whereas it was Modi who lacked any...   | Read..

The rebranding of Amit Shah

Narendra Modi has virtually doubled his campaign rallies in Uttar Pradesh. So has Amit Shah.   | Read..

Ping-pong war over BJP

Neither wants it as a friend. But both are trying their hardest to prove it's a friend of the other.   | Read..

JNU students to end blockade

Students in Jawaharlal Nehru University have decided to lift a more than fortnight-old blockade of the administrative building, following a meeting of the student union's...   | Read..

Jaitley 'subversion' salvo

Finance minister Arun Jaitley has blamed an "alliance of subversion" for campus violence in India and alleged that separatists and the ultra-Left were speaking...   | Read..

Panel frowns on static scholarship amount

A parliamentary panel has voiced shock that a scholarship for underprivileged meritorious students had not been revised since the scheme was launched in 2008, leaving it at...   | Read..

India help for Dhaka canine centre

India will help Bangladesh set up a training centre for dogs, sources in the Union home ministry have said.   | Read..

Actor photo in profile, conman reaps sex

A Briton said to resemble Saif Ali Khan is accused of using a photograph of the actor on a mobile dating application to lure vulnerable women into sexual relationships.   | Read..

When Mrs Jinnah refused to be a slave

Muhammad Ali Jinnah, an advocate of women's rights, appears to have been uncomfortable when his wife Ruttie made an impromptu speech at Bombay's Town Hall against British...   | Read..

IS suspects held just in time: Cops

Two brothers with computer application degrees have been arrested in Gujarat on the charge of making bombs to carry out "lone wolf" attacks inspired by the...   | Read..

Message claims death in Afghanistan

Security agencies are trying to verify the authenticity of a message that said a youth from Kerala had died in a drone attack in Afghanistan on Friday.   | Read..

Odisha BJP shakes off 'marginal' tag

The BJP seems all set to make a serious bid for power in Odisha in 2019 if the results of the just-concluded rural elections, billed as the semi-final before the Assembly...   | Read..

Army exam scam arrests

Thane police have arrested 18 people, including a retired serviceman and a member of a paramilitary force, in connection with leaked question papers of an Army Recruitment...   | Read..
Jat youths on a motorcycle-pulled cart, one of them holding aloft a hookah, head to a protest in Jasia village in Rohtak  demanding...   | Read..
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