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Head cut, another sprouts

May 29, 2017
One's shot dead, another swiftly moves to assume charge of the trigger - the Hizbul Mujahideen, Kashmir's indigenous militancy regime, seems never short of commanders willing to put their lives on...   | Read..

Govt line: Bullet for bullet

May 29, 2017
Anyone raising the gun will be dealt with the bullet and there is no question of going soft in Kashmir, a top source associated with the government said today.   | Read..

Riddles on Zika delay

May 29, 2017
India's first set of documented Zika virus infections has thrown up what medical experts say are two puzzles: why were only three cases found among 34,000-plus blood...   | Read..

BA faces long haul

May 29, 2017
Analysts say the disruption to British Airways flights "could last several days" at Heathrow, where today a third of the services were cancelled -- a distinct...   | Read..

On ground, full stop

May 29, 2017
The Centre's May 23 notification was meant to stop animal markets from trading in cattle and buffalo for slaughter. Instead, it seems to have closed these markets...   | Read..

ASI strikes it rich on riverbank

May 29, 2017
The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has discovered remains of human civilisation dating back to Chalcolithic or Copper Age on the banks of Prachi, considered to be one...   | Read..
A budding cricketer caught running happily in the rain after a game on the Maidan on Sunday evening. After a sweltering fortnight, the rain was...   | Read..
Quote of the Day

This is a proxy war, and proxy war is a dirty war. It is played in a dirty way


Army chief

on Kashmir

Nation RSSMore.. 
'Wish instead of throwing stones at us, they were firing. Then I could do what I...'
India's army faces a "dirty war" in Jammu and Kashmir that has to be fought through "...   | Read.. 
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CBSE results: day of delay and anxiety
Scores of CBSE Class XII examinees in Calcutta, including some school toppers, today spent all day a...   | Read.. 
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Survival fear hangs on cattle markets
The Mamata Banerjee government is planning to contest the Centre's ban on sale of cattle for slaught...   | Read.. 
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Mettle trumps adversity
Jayesh Anand has repaid the faith the authorities at his school, Gyan Niketan, had in him.   | Read.. 
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Change of rule and colour
The political landscape of Mirik has changed. So has the colour of the municipality building.   | Read.. 
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A Captain and a General
The similarities between the two men are striking. Both were born in the 1940s, both belong to the p...   | Read.. 
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It's about Kumble & feeling comfortable
In what can hardly be termed as great news just days from a major cricket tournament, the Champions ...   | Read.. 
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Kushner crisis greets Trump back
President Donald Trump returned home yesterday to confront a growing political and legal threat, as ...   | Read.. 
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Telecom forbearance under test
Forbearance has been a watchword with the telecom regulator since September 2002 when Trai first dec...   | Read.. 
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CBSE score dips, helpline floated
Jharkhand's overall performance in the CBSE Class XII examination, results of which were declared on...   | Read.. 
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Barpeta, Nagaon top toxic water list
Testing of drinking water sources by the Assam public health engineering (PHE) department has reveal...   | Read.. 
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Land hitch for medical college
The proposed state-of-the-art postgraduate medical college at Capital Hospital, which was scheduled ...   | Read..