?Now, survival of the laziest

• If you hate to clean your room and love to laze around, there's nothing to worry. It turns out that you are simply trying to survive. A study at the University of Kansas suggests that species that spend more energy on a daily basis are at greater risk of becoming extinct than those that are more sedentary. Researchers looked at 300 million species of molluscs, including those that had gone extinct, in the Atlantic Ocean. They found that those with a high metabolic rate were more likely to follow the fate of the dinosaurs and disappear from the planet.

Cow scratch 

• Bovines like a good scratch. When they stay outdoors, they rub their bodies against fence posts or trees to remove parasites or just stay clean. But what happens to those cattle that stay cooped up in a dairy? Researchers who study animal welfare at the University of British Columbia discovered that scratching is as important for cows as finding food. So they've devised a mechanical brush for dairy cows to keep them free from stress.

Young date  

• A new study on online dating, published in Science Advances, found that while men's sexual desirability peaks at age 50, for women it is 18 and it goes downhill from there. Researchers were not surprised to know that as a man gets older, he searches for relatively younger women as youth suggests fertility from an evolutionary viewpoint.



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