Caught, an exploding star

• Victor Buso was testing the new camera on his telescope when he caught the beginning of a supernova in the NGC 613 galaxy. Most supernovas don't attract attention until their death explosions are well under way. But thanks to the Argentinian amateur astronomer, this time the "breakout" - when a shock wave radiating from a star's core, which has probably collapsed into a black hole, reaches the surface and brightens it catastrophically - could be recorded.

Blood lust

• The reason vampire bats can survive on their unusual diet of blood is because the bacteria in their guts help break down its abundance of protein as well as produce the vitamins that blood lacks. While these bacteria are similar to those found in the guts of other bats, they behave differently, found a study in Nature Ecology and Evolution.

Wine and teeth

•  It is common knowledge that wine is good for the heart and colon because of abundance of polyphenols in it. Now a study in ACS' Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry says that these antioxidant compounds may also be good for our oral health. The polyphenols keep cavity-causing bacteria at bay, especially in combination with oral probiotic Streptococcus dentisani. After all, the reason fruits produce polyphenols is to ward off bacterial infection.



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