Wood, as strong as steel

• Engineers at the University of Maryland, US, have found a way to make wood more than 10 times as tough, creating a substance that is as strong as titanium alloys known for their toughness, but much lighter and cheaper. The team tested the new material and natural wood by shooting bullet-like projectiles at it. The projectile blew straight through natural wood, but the treated wood stopped it very efficiently.

Love in twitter

• Brains of songbirds are tuned to love. Looking into the brains of finches, re- searchers at Columbia University, US, found that male and female birds use what's called their sound control system to convert sound waves to social messages and use them to find mates. Females prefer mates who sing songs with more syllables.

Camels of stone

• Some 2,000 years ago, ancient sculptors in the Arabian desert had climbed rock outcrops and carved life-size camels onto them. Now, archaeologists have discovered about a dozen of the humped sculptures, which are stylistically unique. The findings, reported in the journal, Antiquity, could help provide insight into the history and development of rock art on the Arabian Peninsula. However, much of the art is damaged from erosion or vandalism.

Source: Agencies


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