Moon link to quakes a myth

• The devastating earthquake on December 26, 2004 - that ruptured the ocean floor near Sumatra and resulted in a deadly tsunami - occurred during a full moon. The quakes that devastated Chile in 2010 and Alaska in 1964 also happened on full moons - suggesting support for lore linking big quakes and the full moon. American seismologist Susan Gough scrutinised 204 big quakes and proved that it is just a myth.

Missing armour

• With a nearly impenetrable hide covered in spikes, the ankylosaurus was like the dinosaur version of an armoured tank. It also boasted a fearsome, bone-crushing, clubbed tail. But in living animals today, the formidable tail is nearly missing. Canadian palaentologist Victoria Arbour hypothesised that the bony armaments in prehistoric animals were a result of a gradual evolutionary process, unlike the deadly quills of porcupines and the scales of pangolins.

Smarter battery

• A type of battery invented in 1968 could revolutionise energy storage technologies used in smartphones, thanks to a finding by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US. The modified technology, based on a metal-mesh membrane and electrodes of molten sodium, could open the way for more intermittent, renewable power sources.

Source: Agencies


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